Top 10 Social Media News Stories this Week 1/23/2015

January 23, 2015
Social Media News Round-up

The week in social media news hand-curated by your friends at Fandom Marketing. Apple and Instagram crack down on illegal drug-related activity on their networks, while Facebook focuses on reducing the hoaxes that appear in users’ feeds. Learn how Pinterest is trying to appeal to the male demographic and discover the new feature that the already-forgotten social network Ello launched this week. Also, see how iHeartRadio stacks up against some of its biggest competitors.

Yup, Facebook at Work Is Real

January 14, 2015

Facebook loves to play and test new things. After a couple of months of rumors, this morning they announced that they’re going to play in the enterprise for a while and see if it’s fun. And for the first time we have an inkling of what “Facebook at Work” will mean.

Full story on Forrester

Snapchat’s Pricey Ads Could Be Too Pricey

January 19, 2015

AdWeek recently reported that Snapchat is asking brands for $750,000 per day to run its new “my story” ads. Some would argue that Snapchat’s unique ad format, engagement tactics, demographics, and immediacy make for an interesting experimental advertising opportunity. Others say that $750,000 is a lot to spend for an advertising experiment that has limited analytics, no targeting, and an inability to show ROI.

Full story on TechCrunch

Facebook Is Testing a Voice-To-Text Feature for Its Messenger App

January 20, 2015

Facebook Messenger offers the ability to send voice clips to your friends without typing any text. Now Facebook is testing a feature that helps people read the voice clips that were received instead of having to play them out loud. This can be useful if you are at a quiet library or a loud concert.

Full story on Forbes

Facebook Is Cracking down on Hoaxes in Your News Feed

January 20, 2015

In its latest update, the social network is again going after News Feed spam, but this time is focusing on reducing the hoaxes that appear in users’ feeds. Facebook defines hoaxes as scams or “deliberately false or misleading stories.”

Full story on Mashable

How Healthcare Can Use Social Media Effectively and Compliantly

January 21, 2015

As a regulated industry, many healthcare organizations have avoided the use of social media, and have even tried to squelch its use by their employees. However, some healthcare providers are beginning to realize that there are opportunities to serve the public, patients and physicians, all while building awareness and enhancing their brand.

Full story on Forbes

Apple and Instagram Crack down on Weed Entrepreneurs

January 22, 2015

Big social media and tech companies are cracking down on illegal drug-related activity on their networks. Entrepreneurs seeking to take advantage of America’s legal weed boom say they’re being hurt instead.

Full story on Buzzfeed

Twitter’s Password-Killing Tool Is Now Available on the Web

January 22, 2015

Twitter rolled out the web version of Digits, the company’s tool to help kill the password, to developers Wednesday. Digits is one element of Twitter Fabric, the new suite of tools for developers the social network rolled out last year. Digits replaces passwords with mobile phone numbers with the goal of making it easier to sign up for new apps.

Full story on Mashable

Ello Pretends It’s Not over with Video and Music Launch

January 22, 2015

Already-forgotten, anti-Facebook social network Ello today launched the ability to share music and video clips in its feed, but that won’t matter. Here in September gone in September, Ello hoped to dethrone Facebook by … not having ads. But while hipsters had fun hating on Zuck’s creation for a few days, they all went back to it and promptly ditched Ello.

Full story on TechCrunch

Here’s How Pinterest Is Trying to Attract More Men

January 23, 2015

With its penchant for promoting pulchritudinous pinups, plush petals and piquant plates, Pinterest has a reputation for appealing in particular to women — more than 70% of its 72.5 million U.S. users are female. Now, Pinterest is trying to appeal to the male demographic by subtly making its search results more gender-neutral.

Full story on Time

iHeartRadio Has More than 60M Registered Users, Claims It’s Growing Faster than Facebook

January 23, 2015

Today iHeartRadio threw a bunch of stats into a press release to let you know how fast it’s growing. Though the numbers seem big, they may not stack up against some of iHeartRadio’s biggest competitors.

Full story on VentureBeat

What We’re Watching

The future of the Internet is immersive. This week Eric Schmidt said:

“I will answer very simply that the Internet will disappear … There will be so many IP addresses…so many devices, sensors, things that you are wearing, things that you are interacting with that you won’t even sense it.”

Mark Zuckerberg has believes what’s next for social networking is augmented reality (AR) and has gone so far as purchasing top AR device company Oculus for $2 billion.

Yesterday, Microsoft debuted its position in AR with Windows HoloLens AR platform and headset. Imagine how the world will look in our featured video this week. AR is a topic to watch!

~Melonie Gallegos


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