The New Twitter, You and Your Brand

November 2, 2010
Twitter for Business

If you’re like me and rarely visit the .com you may not have noticed the ‘new’ Twitter roll out over the past few days. A new logo, new guidelines on use of their brand, and parameters about how other users’ public information can be used. I personally like the new logo. The idea that Twitter is going corporate, well yes things are on a path to change. For the better or worse who knows. While there is a high adoption rate  of Twitter it has not completely gone main stream. The commoners, or regular people who are not uber Web users, still can’t figure the thing out on first glance or even after creating an account. Twitter takes a bit of action on the user’s part to get going. The changes no doubt are a push to make it easier and attract more user. And, of course protect and profit off their brand which has been subject to a free for all since launch. We hope that making investors happy they do not lose their base community which is the fuel that launched the social network into celebrity.

This video is newly available from to “meet the new Twitter” I expected to find something showing features and functionality. It’s all brand. I’ll admit the moon shot made me smile.


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