Plan Next Year’s Content Using this 2015 Marketing Calendar

December 30, 2014
2015 Marketing Calendar

2014 is officially in the books, and every marketer is sighing with relief over the holiday season winding down. We can all look forward to the new year, and get excited about what’s to come in 2015. If you haven’t already, now is a great time to plan a team brainstorm and come up with some creative and new ideas to market your brand in the coming year.

Building your content calendar can be a fun and creative exercise for all involved:

  • Set aside a day and block of time, maybe even out of the office. This will allow everyone to think more freely.
  • Ask team members to put phones & technology away. Offer frequent breaks to allow for people to check email and such, but set the stage by explaining the focus and all mind power will be on 2015 promotions.
  • Bring fun snacks and a great game or team-building activity to kick off the day and get people in the mood to think outside the box.
  • Come prepared with a list of your organization’s initiatives and goals for the year.
  • Hand out paper and markers for people to doodle and jot down notes.
  • Distribute a 2015 Editorial Calendar with major holidays & events so everyone can plan for important dates and observances.

Get Our 2015 Marketing Holiday Calendar

We’ve created a 2015 Marketing Calendar to help with your yearly planning. Major holidays, sporting events and fun observances are included. We couldn’t fit in every silly observance (we left off National Deviled Egg Day on November 2, sorry!), but there are a few fun ones you won’t want to miss. If your brand focuses on health, food or sports, there are comprehensive online calendars with every observance that you’ll want to look into.

Have fun with your planning and Happy New Year!!


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    Thank you, thank you!! This is awesome in any business. It keeps you from running out of content for your blogs and you newsletters.

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