Style Your Video For an Evergreen Shelf Life

July 5, 2018
evergreen content

Learn how to style your video and photos to create evergreen content with a lasting impression. Find a checklist to incorporate into your shot list, styling tips, and ways to make your content last for years without looking dated.

At times it seems like the importance of creating new content is all you ever hear about in digital marketing. With good reason, content is extremely important to keep your business relevant, optimize search, and market your products. However, what happens to those bigger projects where content can be hard to replace because it’s expensive, time consuming, or a large undertaking? When designing your website or a promotional video you want this to look cool and new, but also want it to last beyond one season if you’re on a budget. Here are some ways to avoid dating your evergreen video and photo shoots.

Forget the Fast Fashion

Fast fashion is great if you want your photo to look smart and up-to-date in the moment, but how long are crop tops, cold shoulders and chokers going to last? Unless you’re willing to wait another 20 years to reuse your photo or video, it’s best to stick with clothing that is minimalist.


Any kind of technology can quickly date an image (phones, laptops, consoles, smart wearables, etc). Sometimes it’s unavoidable to film or photograph tech since they may be important or essential to the story you’re telling. However, if it can be avoided, you’ll be able to reuse the photo even after Apple comes out with an iPhone 14.

Avoid City Skylines

City Skylines with lots of development like San Francisco, Seattle or San Diego will quickly date your photo as their skylines change every year, even every few months. If you need a photo that represents your city, select an iconic part of the city that is unlikely to change in the coming years. Using classic landmarks, versus a trendy restaurant that could quickly go out of business, will keep your content evergreen.

High Level Trends

Yes, that copper cup and matching cocktail shaker look so cool, but that is so 2017. Some fads may be beautiful, attractive and may give the illusion of timelessness, but may also date your photo or film in a year or two. Maybe this trend will last a couple of years, but it is a gamble. Keep an eye out for trends that rise in popularity quickly, as those are the quickest to fade out.

By avoiding fashionable choices, new tech and fast fading trends your video and photography content can be used for a much longer time. Your imagery can also be repurposed for other assets down the road. Make sure when creating content you stay true to your unique visions, evergreen content doesn’t mean boring stock photography. Need help bringing your vision to life? Get a quote from strategy and design experts today.


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