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Style Your Video For an Evergreen Shelf Life

Learn how to style your video and photos to create evergreen content with a lasting impression. Find a checklist to incorporate into your shot list, styling tips, and ways to make your content last for years without looking dated. At times it seems like the importance of creating new content is all you ever hear…

July 5, 2018
photo hacks
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Professional Product Photography Hacks

Product photography is a good addition to any marketing strategy because it’ll make your presentation more appealing and engaging. Unfortunately, it can also ruin your brand’s reputation if not done properly. To avoid that, here are 7 professional product photography hacks that can help you get started. 1. Try with various angles Narrate a beautiful…

April 24, 2018
facebook features
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Seven Facebook Features You Didn’t Know Existed

Lately, it seems as though every time you log into Facebook there’s a new update to check out. Whether it’s a new photo feature or a redesign of your timeline, the ever-changing platform is always looking for ways to expand its capabilities and stay up to date.  As marketers, it’s essential that we stay on…

February 26, 2018
Tips for Fitness Marketing in the New Year
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Five Tips for Fitness Marketing in the New Year

December 26th starts a whole new season of purchasing. Consumers have eaten their fill and are regretting it. I’m talking about the resolution season. The time of year everyone vows that this is the year they better themselves. Many of these resolutions involve fitness and health goals. We have all seen the tried and true…

December 26, 2017
social media marketing trends, 2018, digital marketing
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Social Media Marketing Trends Taking Off in 2018

Pack a carry-on, we’re getting on a flight to next year’s social media landscape as told by our team of dedicated Fandom marketers. As we finish our 2018 planning and budgets, we’ve kept a few social media marketing trends top of mind. If you approach marketing going into 2018 from the position of creating real…

December 5, 2017
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How Today’s Brands are Using Snapchat Marketing to Reach Millennials

Since its launch back in 2011, Snapchat has carved a place as being the top social media app for the millennial generation. Quickly edging out notable competition like Vine, and momentarily Instagram and Facebook, this addicting platform has everyone under 25 doing it for the “snap.” Over the years Facebook quickly evolved to copycat Snapchat’s…

October 18, 2017