How To Customize Your Link Preview With Facebook Domain Verification

January 10, 2018
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Marketers can no longer edit link details on Facebook posts without taking this important step. Find out what led to Facebook’s change and how to go through the process of Facebook domain verification.

Facebook disabled link preview editing for both native posting and third-party publishing in the fall of 2017. This impacts the ability to directly edit messaging for web page links both on Facebook and from publishing platforms like Sprout Social and Hootsuite.

Facebook did so to combat the spread of misinformation and fake news. This was as a result of link information being customized to misrepresent page content. And, to SPAM people with posts that did not meet Facebook Community Guidelines.

Here are the editable sections of links in Facebook Open Graph:

facebook domain verification blog

To prevent further abuse of this feature, the ability to edit Open Graph metadata such as headlines, description, or thumbnail photo (example above) has become restricted to verified website owners. This allows Facebook to improve the quality of information on the network.

While the abuse of misinformation is real, it impacts those of us who legitimately want to keep messaging fresh and relevant for our audiences. Not to worry there is a solution. Marketers and content creators can go through the process of Facebook domain verification. This requires you to verify your website and associate it to your Facebook page. This process is also called “Facebook link ownership.” Through Facebook link ownership, you will regain the ability to customize Facebook posts while protecting the integrity of your content.

Get started with this helpful implementation guide from Facebook.

We are going through domain verification on all of our client’s websites. Need help verifying your domain on Facebook? Reach out to our experts at Fandom Marketing social media agency.


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