Project Management Tricks for Marketing

October 15, 2018
project management for marketing

These agency tested project management tricks will keep your marketing team on point. Get recommended project management tools to complete your next campaign on schedule and budget. Find out now how to best optimize your project flow.

Fast paced. Hectic. These are just a view words that describe agency life. To keep your marketing team on task there are many tools to help with project management. With options ranging from premium to free, you need to find the system that works best for your team and most importantly stick to it. Having the right tools that are cost effective is great for a small team of marketers that need a helping hand to see tasks and projects through to completion.

Here are some of our favorite, free project management tools we use to help keep us on track and meet client marketing deadlines.

Get Organized With A Task Management Tool

Asana Freemium Tool

Asana has a premium feature, but many of the more useful items are already free to use and can work for a team of up to 20 people.

While there are many project management tools for keeping track of tasks, Asana is one of the more user friendly, intuitive tools and has a low learning curve. In the free version, you can add as many projects, parent tasks and subtasks as you want.

The best feature is Tab + B (located in My Profile Settings Hacks). When activated, the user can press Tab + B to have a cute tabby cat pop up on the screen to help them through those tough times. Be warned, this may decrease productivity but infinitely increases moral.

Joking aside, Asana helps track simple tasks, largely projects, and allows you to work collaboratively as a team. It also integrates with other team communication tools you may be using like Slack.


Stay On Schedule With Reminders

Adding Reminders in Google Sheets

Google Sheets is extremely helpful and is even more so when using some of the available add-ons. One of my favorites is “Add Reminders” which allows your spreadsheet to send you or a coworker an email reminder on specific dates or even a certain amount of time before that date.

For instance, I use a Google sheet to help send me reminders a week before a recurring project should begin so I have time to create tasks in Asana, remind the team, and troubleshoot any bandwidth issues.


Make Email More Useful

Gmelius email tool

Email is central to project management. Sometimes it’s where tasks are born and where they are also delivered. Gmelius is a great tool to help organize your emails into to-do lists. You can also create emails and schedule them to send out at a certain time.

If you need to remind your team of a recurring weekly event, you can simply schedule an email to go out every week without having to think twice about it.

Or if you’re looking to have an email sent out during a specific time, it doesn’t have to sit in your drafts folder until you remember to send it out, you can simply schedule it.


More Project Management Tools For Marketing

There are many free tools you can utilize to help with all your marketing team project management needs. If you are a fan of free resources and helpful marketing tips, take a look at our free marketing calendar PDF download and subscribe to receive blogs to your inbox.


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