Three Ways To Deepen Customer Relationships With Conversational Content

April 8, 2011

#1 Talk about them, not your product.

It’s a phenomenon that social networking has brought to light. I’m convinced it’s always been this way if you can picture a used car salesman talking and talking while watching the person on the other end fade away. The more you talk about your product, the less people will listen. Make your customer the subject of the discussion and watch it bloom.

#2 Be a giver in the relationship.

We know relationships are a give and take. The challenge for brands as they get more personal with audiences is that marketers are not used to investing in anything without a calculated return. The concept is simple as demonstrated by companies like Zappos. Just be good to people. Do something good for them that has no hidden agenda or direct sale. In the long run this results in loyal customers, brand love, and yes, more sales.

#3 Speak to them like people.

Talk “to them” in your marketing communications not “at them.” Here’s the difference:

At them:

“On sale!! Blue glass beads for Spring, learn more!”

To them:

“We want your help planning our Spring craft project, tell us what you’d do with blue glass beads.”

Notice I did not use exclamation points in the second version. This can sound like screaming and jumping down in writing. All marketers are screaming and jumping down, it’s not an affective way to cut through the clutter.

Users, visitors, traffic, customer = people. Consider the tone that is set in email, Facebook, website copy, and even error messages. How would it make them feel? If the last thought made you happy…

Try something different today with no other goal than to deepen customer relationships. Creating conversational content will change the tone for better results in social media, blogs and more.


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