Twitter Dictionary

September 24, 2008

Twitter has a unique set of words that only people using Twitter use with each other. Here’s a fun list of definitions from the Twitter community.

Twitter: by definition is a microblog.

Tweet or Twit: a post or the act of posting.

Tweet Stream: a single profile, multiple profiles you are following or hash tag feed. Dynamic stream of posts into a single page, widget or RSS feed.

Hashtag: a search tag in the form of #word used by groups such as at a conference. Example #nom, this is what everyone’s eating.

Tweeps: as in peeps. People who use twitter or used to address your followers.

Twitterverse: addressing everyone out there on Twitter or referencing the Twitter world (environment).

Twitter Breach: when you leave your phone vulnerable at the bar to find the next morning that your drunk friends got hold of it and posted unauthorized, reputation damaging tweets on your behalf.

Intwimidated: when you are to intimidated to tweet because you envy others tweet streams. This is a disease that turns tweeples into lurkers.

Lurker: one that watches but does not participate.

Permission Stalking: authorizing strangers and friends to follow where you are and what you are doing every moment of the day.

Retweet: or RT for short. Used to credit another user when reposting their content. example: “Retweet @name …”

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