How-To Brew Fresh Content Ideas

February 7, 2013

Content creation has become a very crucial role for marketers over the past few years, and it doesn’t look like a role that will be going away anytime soon. Whether you’re managing content, creating a presentation, writing a blog post, or developing copy for social media, there is no doubt that you have to be on your creative game. Let’s face it though, sometimes we just get stuck when it comes to writing. Writing is a valuable skill to have and an even more important skill to practice.

With the increase of our cultures’ desire to have things instantly and with the least words possible, it becomes even more challenging to grab your audience’s attention and keep it. You can thank Instagram and Twitter for that! People aren’t easily entertained anymore, we have to keep them on their toes. How do we do that? Through images, wordplay, storytelling, involving your audience and simply put, telling the truth. Anne McColl, who is an occasional contributor to the Brands with Fans Blog and works with us at Fandom Marketing on clients, created this cool presentation on how-to come up with fresh content ideas. Engaging writing will make your presentations and marketing content really stand out.

What are some creative things you do to come up with writing ideas?

[slideshare id=16070750&doc=creativ-teahowtobrewfreshideas1-130119083506-phpapp01&w=514&h=422]


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    Though I think there s a little disconnect between the title of this post and the slideshare, but in any case, writing is and indispensable skill for anyone to acquire if the person ones to be actively involved in this modern time. Not just writing volumes of words but to know how to condense these words into pictorial presentation as in infographics or slide shares

  • Reply 14 Business Blog Ideas for B2B Brands June 30, 2015 at 11:56 am

    […] If you’re looking for more inspiration read How-To Brew Fresh Content Ideas. […]

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