Three Must Haves In Your Next Social Media Promotion

May 3, 2011

I spoke at Social Media Camp at the Sony headquarters over the weekend providing a ton of information on social media promotional campaign planning. You can view the presentation on Slideshare here. Sometimes you can walk out of a conference like this on overload wondering “so what do I do?” Here are a few boiled down action items that if you don’t do anything else, do this.

Must Have #1 :: Go to Your Audience ::

Are your customers on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or even Tumblr? Bring the brand to them vs. herding them like cattle to your website. Consider applications and integrating social platforms, feeds and functions to your website to create a multi-channel brand experience.

Must Have #2 :: Make it Easy to Share ::

Place visible sharing buttons on your website page or applications. Include sharing functionality with prefilled messaging such as ‘Tweet This’ with a prefilled form field, or messaging the visitor can copy and past. Stick to one-click where possible, people hate jumping through hoops. Tools: Tweetmeme,, Facebook Connect

Must Have #3 :: Give them a Reason to Share ::

Why would someone send this to their friends? What would they say about it on their Facebook wall?Make it personal, make it about them (not all about your product) and they will share it.

This is a good start. Good luck and come back and tell me how it goes!


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  • Reply video to mp3 converter June 8, 2011 at 1:47 am

    ability to share the webside on social networks is really a good idea:) it always works. and you are absolutely right – there must be something interesting to share.

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