Why use Twitter?

September 24, 2008

Help I need input from real live tweeters so I can educate others. Many contemplate Twitter’s utility has evolved beyond its original purpose of “What are you doing”, so please comment and tell me what are you doing with it? (connecting to friends, customers, getting news, etc etc) Thank you for participating and happy tweeting.


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  • Twitter has become an extension of my on-line brand. It represents me, and not just my company. I use it to declare items about me and not just my job. I have a diverse group I follow. I am less concerned with who follows me.

  • I use Twitter for several reasons. One, to keep up with what is happening in the business world; news breaks more quickly there, with links to great posts and items. Two, to keep up with my blogging colleagues from around the world. Three, to keep myself on the forefront of the web 2.0 world.

    I am doing a talk today on things companies should consider if they are going to use Twitter. Are you coming, Melonie?

  • I use Twitter for a number of reasons. The main reason I fell in love with Twitter is that progressive marketers (and social media peeps) are sharing their thoughts and insights within the community. What other communications vehicle can you engage someone that is well known (example: Danny Sullivan – the search engine master – @DannySullivan) and they will engage you back. I also use Twitter to “announce” my new blog posts, plan meetups (or Tweetups) with friends and colleagues, private message people and personal/professional networking. I have met a number of very cool people via Twitter and I have only been using it for 6 months.


    PS. Follow me on Twitter http://twitter.com/chriskovac

  • Tim

    I use Twitter for 3 reasons. Education (counts as 2 reasons) both for myself and for others. Third, curiosity killed the cat. As someone who majored in psychology in school I found it (and still do today) interesting to watch people. Twitter for me is an experiment both from an information gathering/decimation standpoint but also from a test bed of willing participants opening their lives for introspection. You can find me on twitter under the username codearachnid.

  • Hmm, I don’t use it for many work related items. I intentionally decided it would be a personal endeavor.

    I started with twitter to update the friends and family when I’m traveling. Its alot easier to update this and publish to my site when I’m on a motorcycle in middle of nowhere (If you have coverage)

    Since then its evolved into general updates and random conversations. I’ve also found I’m not into watching people I don’t know. Because some people flood my homepage and I loose the friends I do want to keep in touch with.

    So, those I do keep connected with its great!

  • MJM

    I Twitter as CamelotGypsy when I am bored.

  • I use it for:
    *Almost real-time updates on topics I find interesting.
    *Exchange my info

  • I think you have to meet and gather a database where they are. Twitter is becoming one of those places. Creating top of mind awareness you can update this section of your database in real time.

    I use it to direct traffic to the blog/websites, vent in a comic way and of course interact with other people where appropriate.