Agency Secrets for Growing Instagram Followers

November 12, 2018
Instagram strategy for marketing and growing followers

Reaching your fans online is tougher than you’d think. With brands slowly sliding down the rank of social media newsfeeds, I recommend these tactics to grow your Instagram following.

Trying to grow your brand’s Instagram following is an uphill battle. It is a common occurrence for an account to grow rapidly over the first couple of months and suddenly hit a wall. Your follower count stops increasing and you don’t know how to get out of this plateau. This could happen because you got too comfortable, didn’t change with the platform, or reached all your existing audience. Here’s how to get followers on Instagram from community managers at the Fandom Marketing social media agency.  Elevate follower count without sacrificing quality content.

Use Hashtags That Directly Relate To Your Content

What type of content are you publishing on your page? What type of people would be interested in those topics? What conversations are relevant to your products and services? These are important questions you should be asking yourself when thinking about how to get followers on Instagram. Compile a list of common hashtags that relate to your page and your target audience. And don’t just guess what people are using on Instagram, test out your hashtags on Instagram search to find what suggestions it has from the autofill. You will also get an idea of how much each hashtag is in use. If you have multiple audiences, you might use different aspects of your brand and different hashtags for each audience group.

Hashtags should be constantly used in at least two ways. One, put them in each of your posts. You are allowed 30 tags per Instagram post, and you should utilize them all as long as they are relevant to your content.  Remember to mix it up when it comes to your hashtags, this allows for different groups to find you and keeps your intentions focused. There may be a common theme among all your posts, but no two posts should be exact copies and the same goes for the tags you use. Two, use hashtags to find those with similar interests. Not only do tags help your target audience find you, but they also help you find your target audience. As a business you can easily find people interested in purchasing your product through the use of tags. Try to find Instagram users who are in your audience through hashtags and start a conversation on the platform with them.

Final tip: Make sure to use hashtags in the different types of content you produce on Instagram – captions, comments, Instagram stories, etc.

Follow Other Common Instagram Pages

Finding other Instagram pages with similar content and interests can lead you to more than just one follower. You probably don’t want to follow a direct competitor, but you can follow their followers. Find and follow accounts with similar interests or influencers related to your industry. Another place to look for accounts interested in your content is the “Explore Page.” Similar Instagram pages that appear here may already have followers interested in your page as well. These common pages can be found at the same time that you are doing your hashtag search mentioned above. Instagram has also developed algorithms to suggest people to follow directly in your feed, and compile accounts you might like in the “search” section. Nine times out of 10, the suggested users that pop up on your page are similar to your interests based off past behaviors.

Comment! Comment! Comment!

We have all received some random Instagram comments on our pictures. Did this peak your interest? Maybe it was spam, but odds are you were curious enough to click through and see their profile. Sometimes a simple comment can go a long way when trying to acquire new followers. Commenting allows a company voice to be established. Putting a friendly tone to your Instagram page is a way of reaching a new level of trust between you and your audience. It is easy to forget that there are real people behind every screen. By commenting, a two-way conversation has started. When commenting on posts, always try and relate what you are saying to not only your own brand but to what was said in the post. The key is to not sound like a robot. Not only does this help on your journey to getting new followers, but establishes you as an active social brand that cares about their customer base.

Maintain The Followers You Do Have

While gaining new followers is a constant struggle so is keeping the followers that you already have. People’s interests can change as quick as they change their clothes, which is why it is always important to keep up with the ever changing world of social media. The last thing you want is to lose followers because you weren’t tailoring your content and interactions to the needs of your audience. It is easy to determine when your followers may be approaching a decline through your engagement rate. Once your engagement rate begins to decline this is an indicator that your audience is losing interest and interacting less with your content.  It’s important to monitor engagement to establish a base benchmark. The larger your following, the lower engagement rate an account typically has. If your engagement rate gets too low it could be a signal the followers you are gaining aren’t actually interested in your brand and won’t add value to your business.

With the use of these Instagram tactics you can make a lasting impression that leads to more followers. Social media is a crucial component to the overall success of your company. If you want help implementing advanced social strategy get a quote from our experts today.


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