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May 10, 2014

The week in social media news curated by your friends at Fandom Marketing. This week: Life after Facebook – a perspective from brand marketers from Whole Foods, San Diego Chargers and Eat 24. Surprising stats on social in the workplace.  A few embarrassing corporate mistakes on how NOT to use social media. And, plays cat and mouse with Facebook’s restrictions.

PayPal Exec Goes on Twitter Spree Insulting Coworkers

May 3, 2014

PayPal global strategist Rakesh Agrawal’s—he just woke up and realized he tweeted all of this stuff about people he works with. Update: he’s gone. It all started with a trip to New Orleans for Jazz Fest, where no one ever does things they regret. But the difference between puking on Bourbon Street and this, is that puke gets washed away.

Full story on Valleywag

Black Milk Clothing Illustrates How Not To Use Social Media

May 5, 2014

Sometimes brands that hit it big forget where their success came from in the first place – but their followers certainly don’t. Popular online clothing retailer Black Milk Clothing learned this the hard way this weekend. To celebrate May the Fourth (Star Wars Day, for those of you who were unaware), the Black Milk Clothing fanpage posted a photo to their Facebook page which, understandably, bothered several fans due to the implication that being more like the woman on the left is somehow better or more desirable than being like the woman on the right (Mayim Bialik as Amy in “The Big Bang Theory”). It also happens to go against their own, arguably cult-like, “commandments”.

Full story on Buzzfeed Community

Social Media in the Workplace is Going Backwards

May 5, 2014

Proskauer, a global law firm, recently published the third version of its “Social Media in the Workplace Global Study”. The 2014 version is chock full of very interesting tidbits that you may want to pay attention to, including: 90% of companies now use social media for business purposes. More companies are utilizing social media for business opportunities, which is a good thing, but it seems there is much more rigidity than in 2012 when it comes to policies and the blocking of sites. And for whatever reason, in 2012, 53% of employers permitted all their employees access to social media sites yet it’s down 10% in 2013.

Full story on Huffington Post

Facebook and Are Having a Great Cat-and-Mouse Game

May 5, 2014

Facebook keeps catching with its pants down when it comes to ad policies on the social network. But the underwear e-tailer is having too much fun and experiencing too much success to stop. In April, Los Angeles-based’s ads employed pictures of scantily-clad models, but Facebook banned them. So the Web merchant last week began using stick-figure cartoons and links to its previously banned promos with headlines that read: “2 hot 4 Facebook.” The parody ads got click-through rate three to five times higher than normal. retargeted visitors to its website with more Facebook ads.

Full story on Adweek

Evernote and LinkedIn strengthen their partnership to save us from business card hell

May 5, 2014

Evernote announced that it’s gobbling up users of LinkedIn’s CardMunch app, a tiny business card scanning app LinkedIn acquired back in 2011. CardMunch users can now move all of their scanning data into Evernote, and the existing CardMunch app will shut down on July 11. LinkedIn and Evernote are building on a previously announced relationship from December, which allowed business cards scanned into Evernote to surface LinkedIn profile details. Evernote users have to connect to their LinkedIn accounts to use the feature.

Full story on Venturebeat

Breaking up with Facebook

May 9, 2014

Can there be life after Facebook? At least one company seems to think so. On March 28, online food-ordering service Eat24, fed up with the social network’s ever-changing rules, deleted its Facebook page. The defiant act struck some as social media suicide. It wasn’t.

Most marketers — the people behind the Facebook Pages of bands, brands, artists, local businesses, restaurants, clubs, and teams that you say you “Like” — can relate. They feel as if Facebook has pulled a bait and switch. They set up shop on the social network six or seven years ago to build their communities, but now they can no longer reach their fans. At least, not like they used to.

Read the full story on Medium/Jbruin where Fandom Marketing‘s Melonie Gallegos is quoted, in addition to Whole Foods Social Media and Digital Marketing Director Natanya Anderson and Joel Price of the San Diego Chargers.

10 ways Pinners are celebrating mom

May 9, 2014

We just wanted to take some time to share a few boards that made us laugh, get teary-eyed, and reflect on what makes mom special. Here are 10 boards that has us admiring your mom.

Full story on Pinterest

What’s the Cost of Listening to Customers?

A recent study by Oracle shows that businesses could lose as much as 20% of revenues as a result of a poor customer experience. That should be a wake-up call.
And, it’s not just a VOC solution that they’ll be paying for; they’ll need to consider all the factors that go into – and outcomes as a result of – improving the customer experience, i.e., they need to act on what they hear and be thinking big(ger) picture.

Full story at BusinesstoCommunity

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