Airline Launches “Weiner Sale” Following Weinergate Scandal

June 9, 2011

Spirit Airlines, whose IPO debuted in March of this year, is a brand to keep an eye on. Not for their stock trend but for their edgy marketing tactics. Spirit launched a “Weiner Sale” promoting $9 fairs to its email list and on its website Tuesday riding the coat tails of the Weinergate debacle. Weinergate is now being used to jokingly refer to Congressman Anthony Weiner’s (D., N.Y.) Twitter crotch photo story which continues to unfold this week. The brand has caught the attention of the media among them prestigious publications like the Wall Street Journal and Washington Post. And it has apparently gotten a rise out of the investment community as the stock (SAVE) has been trending to new heights over the last 48 hours.

Taking advantage of current current events and pop culture can certainly get your product talked about via buzz,  free press and consumer awareness. The question is at what cost to the brand identity and will it lead to sales? There will be a segment of people who will see this an never buy from this brand again out of pure disgust. Those with a sense of humor will appreciate it. Those who want a good deal regardless of bad taste will take them up on their weiner regardless. Just for fun I checked the sentiment on Twitter and I found mixed feelings. Sentiment is not 100% accurate so take it with a grain of salt.

Sentiment for “Spirit Airlines” from Tweetfeel

spirit airlines tweets

Sentiment for “Spirit Airlines” from TweetTone

spirit airlines weiner sale

What’s your sentiment? Is the brand taking advantage? Too tacky? Brilliant?

The ads, as of now, are still live on the Spirit Airlines website. Ads:




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  • Reply Lar June 10, 2011 at 9:41 am

    I don’t think that funny makes the sale. For example, Burger King commercials focus on funny and not the product offering. I laugh and remember the king, but never think about the food or eating it. While, McDonald’s has been focusing on the taste of their new oatmeal. That makes me think about food and I actually go get it. I have no idea what new food Burger King is serving up.

    But I think the combination of humor with a good deal is the winning ticket. I saw a link that said Spirit launches Weiner sale and clicked on it. I checked out my city and unfortunately there was not much available for my city. But if there was I would have bought!

    • Reply @melonie June 10, 2011 at 10:54 am

      I agree if you’re marketing food talk about the food! The King doesn’t make me hungry or crave Burger King he freaks me out. I think Jack paired with the juicy food shots tells a story and features the food. Jack in the Box nailed it. I do appreciate the humor as well.

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