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January 16, 2015

The week in social media news hand-curated by your friends at Fandom Marketing. Blackberry accidentally tweeted out a message from a competitor’s smartphone and LinkedIn announced two new products the company is developing. Hear what Mark Zuckerberg thinks social networks will look like in ten years and learn about the correlation between technology and higher levels of stress.

Navigating the Social Mob of Mistaken Identities on Twitter

January 8, 2015

One of the founders of Aviary was Michael S Galpert. Michael’s initials are MSG and as an early tech adopter, he managed to snag @msg when Twitter came out. MSG is also short for Madison Square Garden, and the Twitter mentions go a little nuts when the Knicks’ and Rangers’ seasons pick up. Michael has fun with it, using a hashtag of #wrongmsg when retweeting some of the funny mistakes.

Full story on Forbes

New Research Shows Facebook Still King of Social Networks

January 9, 2015

Facebook is a habit we just can’t quit, as much as we may want to try. A new survey from the Pew Research Center collected data from 1,597 Internet users in September 2014 and found that use of Facebook held at a solid 71 percent among online adults in the United States—dwarfing its nearest competitors. LinkedIn and Pinterest each boasted 28 percent usage, and Twitter, the smallest of the big networks, had 23 percent usage.

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BlackBerry is Tweeting from an iPhone

January 13, 2015

Oh, BlackBerry. We can understand when your celebrity creative director accidentally tweets from a competitor’s smartphone — or is the victim of a “hack.” But your own, central Twitter account? That’s no good. And yet somehow it’s exactly what’s just happened. Moments ago, BlackBerry tweeted out a (since deleted) message urging its last bastion of loyal users to keep up with the conversation on Twitter.

Full story on The Verge

LinkedIn is Working on Two New Products to Help Coworkers Connect

January 14, 2015

A source from LinkedIn told Mashable that the company is developing two products that can bring employers, employees and colleagues closer together. That way, the platform can be better utilized to improve connections within the office, rather than outside of it. The tools will make it easier to access employee information, as well as share content relevant to your workplace.

Full story on Mashable

Zuckerberg’s 3 Predictions for What Social Networks will Look Like in 10 Years

January 14, 2015

At a public town hall in Colombia on Wednesday, Mark Zuckerberg announced a new initiative to give free basic Internet access to everyone in the country. One eager Colombian asked what Zuckerberg thought Facebook would look like in 10 years, and he took it as an opportunity to opine about the future of social networks more broadly.

Full story on VentureBeat

Lawyers use Facebook to Target People Busted at Festivals with Drugs

January 15, 2015

A Sydney law firm is taking a new approach to getting clients — using Facebook’s targeted advertising to get the attention of first-time drug offenders and potential clients. LY Lawyers used a stock image of a person cutting lines of cocaine with the caption: “Busted with possession or supply of drugs at Field Day? Call Sydney’s best drug lawyers!” and pushed it out to Facebook feeds across the country.

Full story on Mashable

4 Ways Social Media Drives Business Development

January 15, 2015

In today’s digital world, social media can accelerate the relationship-building process. An influx of social media over the past decade — from Facebook to LinkedIn — has enhanced the way we communicate with potential business partners, leading to quicker connections and serving as our primary method of research when looking to establish relationships.

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Social Media and the Cost of Caring

January 15, 2015

For generations, commentators have worried about the impact of technology on people’s stress. There has been considerable commentary about whether internet use in general and social media use in particular are related to higher levels of stress. Such analysts often suggest that it is the heaviest users of these technologies that are most at risk.

Full story on Pew Research Center 

Does Pinterest Promoted Pin Success Prove Looks Matter?

January 16, 2015

Pinterest opened up its Promoted Pins to all advertisers at the beginning of this year after tests found that these performed as well as or better than organic pins. Based on November 2014 polling by Frank N. Magid Associates, sponsored posts on the visual discovery tool were catching users’ eyes more than those on bigger social networks Facebook and Twitter, with users clicking on promoted content on Pinterest at nearly twice the rate.

Full story on eMarketer

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