Personal Relationships Matter in Ad recall

July 8, 2010

New data on Facebook advertising was featured in today’s WSJ article Facebook Touts Selling Power of Friends. The latest ComScore study shows that Facebook is exceeding long standing contenders Yahoo, Microsoft sites, AOL and Fox Interactive in ad impressions. Shooting through the roof in Q1 2010. What makes Facebook even more appealing than “traditional digital” is the claim that when your friend hits the like button on an ad or fan page of the advertiser, they are much more likely to remember the ad.

“Nielsen Co. study found that including information about individuals a person knows in an ad boosts recall of the ad by 68% and doubles awareness of a brand’s message.”

The conclusion, relationships matter. People remember what their friends like or did, but will have a harder time remembering an ad that carries no personal relationship or association. Now if the brand carries out a relationship with the ad viewer as a Facebook fan or in another community I’d bet the numbers get even better.


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