Optimize Facebook Ads To Reach Niche Targets

June 24, 2014

So many marketers throw countless amounts of cash into advertising on Facebook without truly understanding the goal of their ad, leaving them with less-than-stellar results. The key to Facebook ad optimization is to continually check in on your campaign and make minor adjustments to ensure you’re getting the reach you want from start to finish.

Wondering how-to optimize Facebook ads to get the biggest bang for your buck?

Here are five surefire ways that will help you expand reach in highly targeted markets.

1. Create Multiple Ads

Make sure to create a variety of ads using more than one image and copy option. Facebook will automatically rotate the images you choose in each set so that you can test which ad best resonates with your audience. Begin your ad campaign with multiple ad sets, and then plan on completing the campaign with one or two top performing ads.

2. Define Your Audience Targeting

Define your audience and set specific targeting based on location, gender, interests, language and age. This will ensure that your ad will reach the people most interested in your brand and who are more likely to interact or engage with your ad on Facebook first. After running your ad for a couple of days review your ad set and widen your geographic area, increase age or remove interests in order to expand reach and earn more impressions.

3. Optimize Your Ad Budget

During the ad setup you will set a lifetime budget or per day budget. If you are running an ad for longer than one day you can start with a daily max spend then switch to a total lifetime budget with the dollar amount that is remaining in your campaign (especially if you are trying to get the most impressions and reach within the first day or two of your campaign.)

4. Bid For Impressions

Set your bidding option to “Bid for Impressions” so that you can optimize how much you’re willing to pay per 1,000 impressions. Based on what others are bidding Facebook will display a range of suggested bids for your ad. It is recommended you launch your campaign with a spend somewhere in the middle of the suggested bid. After a couple of days review the suggested bid again and increase your bid if you’re looking to increase impressions. Bidding on the higher end of the suggested bid will help your ad beat out other ads in the running for the same or similar targeting.

5. Turn Off Underperforming Ads

A few days into your campaign you’ll want to take a look at your ads and monitor the click-through-rate, number of impressions and total reach. Some of your ads will have a significantly higher reach than others, and some will have a higher click-through-rate. Turn off any ads with little to no click-through and focus your efforts on those with the most engagement.

What are some of your tricks for Facebook ad optimization? Add to the list in the comments below.


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