MTV Enlists The Jersey Shore in Foursquare Marketing

July 13, 2010

As brands eventually began to participate in Twitter posting updates and entertaining audiences, we can witness early adopters like MTV turning Foursqare into a lifestyle play. While we all know Foursquare has rolled out brand offerings to manage venues and push special offers, this gives Foursquare a new twist with check-in updates from the brand – or in this case it’s celebrity spokespeople.

If you friend MTV on Foursquare you will get the privilege of following check-ins to hot spots by Jersey Shore, The Hills and The Real World celebs. And, to round off the experience of being a “cool kid” they keep you in the know with an MTV Jersey Shore City Guide iPhone app. Man, it’s becoming a little to easy to be a cool kid these days.

The type of question that was often posed when brands began participating in Twitter was “Who’d want to be friends with a hot dog?” until brands like @Wienermobile built an entertaining presence with thousands of loyal followers. Now we might ask “Who’d care where Pauly D gets his tan?”. Do you believe brands will gain audiences and successfully market this way in Foursquare as they have on Twitter?


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