Leveraging Your Digital Assets Using Social Content Curation

May 1, 2012
Content marketing tips for business.

Everyone seems to have their standard set of social platforms in place (Facebook, Twitter, blog) and this is the year for marketers to take the next step forward to seriously consider their content. We are all thinking about how to better leverage our digital brand assets and distribute them in a way that makes sense across these various social networks. We are also faced with the daunting question of how to tie all of this hard work back to our business. The saying “content is king” reigns more true than ever.

Content curation is one way to leverage your digital assets and those from others. “Social curation” helps connect audiences around your brand’s topics. Topics and interests are why we’re all here talking to each other. It’s not so much about a logo, headline or tag line. Marketers can sit in a conference room for hours talking about the details of their logo or what that tag line might mean to someone. If you’re doing it Mad Men style maybe it’s over a cocktail. But, customers don’t care. They’re looking for fun things to share and engage with.

So, before you go out to create yet another social networking profile take a step back, or forward rather, to determine how your content strategy fits into the conversation. That next one on your list may likely be Pinterest. Or, you might be wondering how to get your content pinned, shared and reposted across the Internet. My article published today in iMedia Connection, 8 Social Curation Tricks for Pinterest and Beyond, provides actionable strategies to get you started. Here’s an excerpt:

“Why do people spend hours online bookmarking, pinning, and reposting? The answer is different for everyone, but we can be sure that it’s for the same reason a woman might show off her shoe closet to a friend to hear, “OMG, those are so cute where did you find these?!” Or, a man might sit through an entire dinner carefully talking through the history of aviation and the ins and outs of his profession. We all want to be recognized for our expertise, talents, and savvy. Posting content we care about displays our creativity, interests, opinions, and personality. Being social creatures, we naturally want to share the best of things with our circles and get recognition for the good find. On the receiving end, people enjoy discovering and exploring things that are highly relevant and interesting.

Of course, when human behavior shifts, brands are quick to follow suit. In this article, we’ll discuss how marketers can get in on the social curation boom in a meaningful way.”

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