50 Brands on Pinterest

April 23, 2012


Pinterest is an online pin board where people organize and share the things they love. It has become the most popular curation website in history and the fastest growing social network in 2011-2012, ranking higher than Google+ despite being closed to users on an invite only basis. Over 10.4 million registered users, 9 million monthly Facebook connected users, and 2 million daily Facebook users have pinned the beautiful things they find on the Internet from recipes to wedding flowers (Techcrunch February 2012).

Finding value in backlinks, Pinterest driven website traffic and audience topic engagement, brands have joined the party too. Which brands should be on Pinterest? Those whose primary target are women and whose content strategy that aligns great photography to audience interests.

Here are fifty plus brands who are pinning.

Toyota http://pinterest.com/toyotausa/
Subaru http://pinterest.com/subaru/
Lamborghini http://pinterest.com/lamborghini/

Consumer Electronics and Software
Amazon Kindle http://pinterest.com/amazonkindle/
Dell http://pinterest.com/dell/
Nook http://pinterest.com/nook/
Windows http://pinterest.com/windows/
Windows Phone http://pinterest.com/windowsphone/
Turbo Tax http://pinterest.com/turbotax/

Consumer Packaged Goods
Kleenex http://pinterest.com/kleenexau/
Kotex http://pinterest.com/kotex/
American Greetings http://pinterest.com/amgreetings/
P&G Thank You Mum campaign http://pinterest.com/thankyoumum/

Banana Republic http://pinterest.com/bananarepublic/
Forever 21 http://pinterest.com/forever21/
Gilt Group http://pinterest.com/gilt/
Kate Spade http://pinterest.com/katespadeny/
Nine West http://pinterest.com/ninewestfashion/
Oscar de la Renta http://pinterest.com/oscarprgirl/
Coach http://pinterest.com/coach/
Urban Outfitters http://pinterest.com/urbanoutfitters/

Finance and Other Boring Industries
Mastercard http://pinterest.com/mastercard/
GE http://pinterest.com/generalelectric/

Food and Beverage
Coca-Cola http://pinterest.com/cocacola/
Diet Pepsi http://pinterest.com/DietPepsiPins/
Hershey’s Bliss http://pinterest.com/hersheysbliss/
Hershey’s Ice Cream http://pinterest.com/hersheyic/
Hershey’s Kisses http://pinterest.com/hersheyskisses/

Government and Non-Profit
The U.S. Army http://pinterest.com/usarmy/
American Cancer Society http://pinterest.com/acsgreetings/
American Red Cross http://pinterest.com/amredcross/
Salvation Army http://pinterest.com/salarmypgh/

Home and Garden
Andersen Windows http://pinterest.com/andersenwindows/
Etsy http://pinterest.com/etsy/
Milgard Windows and Doors http://pinterest.com/milgard/
Pella http://pinterest.com/pellawindows/
Serena and Lily http://pinterest.com/serenaandlily/
Serena and Lily Baby http://pinterest.com/serenalilybaby/
West Elm http://pinterest.com/westelm/

Media and Entertainment
Better Homes and Gardens http://www.pinterest.com/bhg
HGTV http://www.pinterest.com/hgtv
Oprah http://pinterest.com/Oprah/
OWN Canada http://pinterest.com/owncanada/

Pharma and Healthcare
Bayer http://pinterest.com/bayerus/
Kelsey-Seybold http://pinterest.com/kelseyseybold/
Sharp Healthcare http://pinterest.com/sharphealthcare/

Restaurants and Hospitality
Arby’s http://pinterest.com/arbys/
Dunkin’ Donuts http://pinterest.com/DunkinDonuts/
Outback Steak House http://pinterest.com/outback/
Rubio’s Fresh Mex http://pinterest.com/rubiosseafood/
Taco Bell http://pinterest.com/tacobell/

eBay http://pinterest.com/ebay/
Home Depot http://pinterest.com/homedepot/
Lowe’s http://pinterest.com/lowes/
Macys http://pinterest.com/macysofficial/
Macy’s MyStyleLab http://pinterest.com/magicallymacys/
Nordstrom http://pinterest.com/nordstrom/
Overstock http://pinterest.com/Overstock/
Target http://pinterest.com/target/
Walmart http://pinterest.com/walmartpulse/
Walmart Crafts http://pinterest.com/walmart/
Whole Foods Market http://pinterest.com/wholefoods/
Williams-Sonoma http://pinterest.com/williamssonoma/


Have a national brand to add to the list? Leave us a comment.


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  • Reply Sondra April 23, 2012 at 10:22 am

    You’re missing some great publishing companies that are on there – including ours (Insight Editions) and Chronicle Books.

  • Reply Andy July 17, 2012 at 8:31 am

    You state that the brands that should be on pinterest are “Those whose primary target are women and whose content strategy that aligns great photography to audience interests”

    Although I agree with the 2nd portion of that sentence, I think Pinterest is past the point of being a network primarily for women. Brands whose audience is not women, are doing great on pinterest.

    Criticism aside, this is a great list of national brands, and a great source to choose from which brands to follow.

    and i love that you have a math captcha (tho, just took me two tries–its early and i just poured my coffee. 8×2 != 10)

    • Reply @Melonie July 17, 2012 at 9:36 am

      LOL don’t spill your coffee! I’ve always wanted to use Kitten Captcha instead but it came and went.

      There are broad statements in here, I tend to do that, which will not apply to every single brand and situation. This doesn’t mean that there aren’t brands who will break the mold and do something cool that connects with the guys. If you look at the data and activity it stands that Pinterest is a female driven social network primarily around their topics and interests. Brands who are wondering where to focus their efforts need to keep this in mind before jumping in to post irrelevant content. I hate to see to see wasted efforts on a big miss, and I love to see the wins from brands who take time to understand a platform and use it right.

      Burtongoldenrules – That’s a nice way to engage and get your brand content pinned. I think there are better ways to navigate a website, it’s a bit cumbersome. Pinteresting nonetheless. (note: 0 likes or activity on their Pinterest boards…)

      • Reply Andy July 17, 2012 at 9:58 am

        pinteresting is one of my favorite made up words ever!

  • Reply Andy July 17, 2012 at 8:43 am

    I did just see a tweet about how Burton is integrating their pinterest button. at first glance i like it. It is clever. but then as I scroll down thru the page, it seems excessive. what do you think? – http://www.burtongoldenrules.com/

  • Reply Tweet this: Harvard named 'top social media college' | socialmediamasters.ca August 3, 2012 at 4:33 am

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  • Reply Olivia October 5, 2012 at 9:05 am

    Woolite has done an incredible job modernizing the brand to get people to see it is an everyday detergent rather than hand wash. Their boards (and the campaign) make the connection between a woman’s emotional link to her clothing and how the detergent will make their clothes last as well as those moments. Each board has a different inspiration and includes relevant tips and myth busters. Of all the major CPG brands out there, I think this should go to the top of the list!


    • Reply @Melonie October 5, 2012 at 9:48 am

      Woolite? Who would’ve guessed! I love the myth busters. Great example, thanks for sharing Olivia.

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