Optimize Facebook Content To Attract More Views

October 24, 2012

Do you want to know how to get the most of out of your Facebook page marketing? IT Agility has put together an awesome presentation that breaks down the many ways Facebook processes your posts, from the EdgeRank Algorithm to social ranks and social clicks. The presentation contains actionable Facebook marketing tips you can implement immediately. (We like that!)

You’ll find several examples on how to create a successful post, best time to post, and which yield the most engagement and conversion rates. We’ve been using these tactics for some time and can attest that optimized content gets more eyeballs. People see your Facebook posts most often from their own page where the newsfeed streams through, not reading from your brand’s page. If you can get your content in the newsfeed using organic tactics such as those outlined here, you will reach more people with your messages without increased costs. Promoted posts are the paid way of doing it.

Keep in mind, once you have their attention the quality test is engagement. If your posts, images, etc. are not getting likes and comments that means they are not resonating with your audience. You’ll want to go back to the drawing board on your communications strategy.

View or download the tips below from Slideshare and optimize your Facebook page today! Let’s us know how it goes.

Optimizing Facebook Newsfeed Posts from IT Agility

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