Interview with Shannon Ryan, GM for Online Marketing Summit

February 5, 2013

Fandom Marketing is very excited to be participating in Online Marketing Summit San Diego happening Monday, February 11 through Wednesday, February 13 at the San Diego Convention Center. Melonie and I will be on site blogging and tweeting live at the event. Be sure to follow along by using the official Twitter hashtag #omsummit.

If you didn’t already know, Online Marketing Summit is the digital conference to be at providing attendees several opportunities to learn and connect in a variety of exciting ways. If you’re interested in attending the Online Marketing Summit, and we suggest you do, you can register here.

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Shannon Ryan, General Manager for Online Marketing Summit. She is quite an inspiration and pretty awesome to say the least. Shannon has an amazing track record of working with both the brand and agency side. She has over 16 years of experience in senior level leadership roles, including managing her own agency, ArchetypeDNA, which she founded in 2009. Shannon has worked with some of the world’s most reputable brands such as Charles Schwab, Cisco, IBM, Immersa Marketing, Intel and many more.

What do you see has impacted marketing the most over the past five years?

Digital marketing has without a doubt had enormous impact on marketing at-large. Take mobile as an example; it has transformed how we market to people regardless of whether a brand is B2B or B2C. This has pushed marketers to transition from approaching each channel separately to creating a holistic campaign that creates seamless and fluid brand experiences across not only digital channels but offline channels as well.

What’s the hardest lesson marketers have to learn?

We are marketing to humans and humans want personal and relevant connections. This sounds simple but how many marketers test their marketing before going to market? Take the time to look at messaging, continuity across multiple channels and diversify content to address needs based on where a person is in the purchasing cycle.

Who inspires you?

There are a number of people who inspire me. I look at each experience I have in life as an opportunity to learn. I’m impressed by companies who are innovative in competitive markets and are able to recognize and deliver on unmet needs, such as Method.

How did you get your start at OMS?

With a blend of experiential and digital marketing experience, I have the opportunity to guide the direction and positioning of OMS as the General Manager. I previously ran my own marketing agency offering a wide range of services, including brand positioning, marketing communications and digital strategy. My background includes extensive work in experiential having worked with some of the most respected global experiential agencies, including George P. Johnson and Immersa. I am also extremely active in the local marketing community and currently serving my second term as president of the Silicon Valley chapter of the American Marketing Association.

Compared to years past, what trends are you seeing form in online marketing now and in the near future?

Two trends are creating a lot of disruption in marketing right now. One, the types of content we produce given mobile consumption and two, big data enabling marketers to more effectively manage their customer engagement models.

OMS covers quite a few great topics, including big data, analytics, mobile, and strategy; which ones do you think stand out most this year?

Strategy is the fiber that is woven across every topic we cover with mobile, content marketing and analytics/big data being key areas of interest for our audience. More importantly, our audience is looking for perspective on how the digital marketer is impacting and influencing business at-large and how they can personally create greater impact within their organization.

Which speakers do you look forward to hearing from this year at OMS?

We have an amazing lineup of industry thought leaders representing marketing from multiple perspectives including brands, agencies and providers, for example Shutterfly, Sony Electronics and Eloqua. I am excited to hear from all of them!

Many people attend these types of events for the sessions, while others attend for the networking and chance to meet and have face-time with key online marketing leaders, but which do you think provide more real-world value?

We think both provide value. We have designed OMS to be a forum that provides marketers an opportunity to learn and gain insights from both educational sessions and collaboration with peers, thought leaders and providers on the key business challenges marketers face today.

Register for the Online Marketing Summit San Diego today. We’ll be seeing you there!

About Online Marketing Summit
Online Marketing Summit (OMS) connects marketers with the knowledge, experts and technologies transforming digital marketing. OMS provides expert-led education and collaborative engagement on the latest insights, best practices and strategies in digital marketing. This approach is fused with the contextual relevance for how digital marketing influences and impacts marketing and business at-large, enabling practitioners to immediately create greater impact within their organization and with their audiences. For more information, visit


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