34 Digital Marketing Trends to Watch in 2017

January 18, 2017

What’s next in digital? Being a successful marketer challenges us to stay on top of what’s currently trending and how users are behaving in the digital environment.. The team at Fandom Marketing has curated a list of 34 digital marketing trends across credible sources to help guide your strategy as you begin a new year.

Among these trends we will be watching growth in paid social, the rise of Millennials using non-Facebook apps like Snapchat, and a bigger pull towards video across all social networks. Users today want instant gratification and an overall streamlined experience. This lends to growth in mobile and wearable technology paired with virtual reality as the future communication of choice.

Take a deeper look at some of these trends with our slide presentation below.

[slideshare id=71192996&doc=digitalmarketingtrendstowatchin2017fandommarketing-170119171705&w=650&h=500]


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