7 Steps to Planning a Successful Social Marketing Campaign

December 13, 2012

Do you ever look at what another brand is doing and sigh, “I wish I had thought of that”? Sometimes it’s not about how many hours you put into it or trying harder. It’s working smarter and becoming more open and creative. You never know what will take off when it comes to engaging with real people online. The most surprising things will turn them ga-ga and that big contest you worked so hard on could flat line for unexplained reasons. The good news is there are common ingredients that go into the great campaigns people can’t stop talking about. Following these steps from my recent article on iMedia Connection, Step-by-Step Guide to Planning a Killer Social Campaign you can up your success rate. Go ahead, do something cool…

1. Stick to your priorities
Determine what’s most important to your brand then stick to it. One concept cannot be everything to everyone so focus on your primary goal and don’t let anyone water it down.
Key Takeaway: Killer campaigns are not watered down.

2. Find out what’s important to your audience
Set down your brand playbook, clean your slate, and study your audience to understand what matters in their life, what makes them happy and, most importantly, where your brand fits into their conversations with their friends.
Key Takeaway: Killer campaigns focus on people not products.

3. Search all corners of the universe for your “aha” moment
It’s all about finding the “aha” moment. All you need is one strong concept and it might come from the quiet guy in the office who is never asked for an opinion — or it could come from your top art director.
Key Takeaway: Creativity can come from the most expected and unexpected places.

4. Plant your campaign right in front of your audience
Take your campaign to your audience in one or more spaces they like to be online. People hate leaving their warm, friendly social network to outbound links.
Key Takeaway: Be where your audience is.

5. Develop an integrated strategy
A killer campaign does not stand-alone. Work cross-functionally to develop an integrated communications plan and multi-channel promotion through advertising, email marketing, PR, and other social networks.
Key Takeaway: Integrated marketing is magic.

6. Execute like a master
The devil is in the details. Human communication is complex and sometimes mind-boggling — it’s what keeps us social marketing people on our toes. Proper execution will make or break your campaign.
Key Takeaway: Poor execution can kill your campaign.

7. Make it shareable
There’s no such thing as social that doesn’t involve sharing. It’s a key component so be sure to incorporate it.
Key Takeaway: Make it shareable.


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