Web 2.0 Conference NY Buzzwords

September 22, 2008

Just returning from the Web 2.0 Conference NY. Here I will share the hot buzz words.

Cloud: anything cloud is a hot topic, and I think anything that is yet to be named seems to end up with the cloud modifier. Do we have a Native American theme running?

  • Cloud Computing: this is a serious hot topic especially across the hall at Interop. In a nutshell it relates to developing applications that utilize a pay-as-you-go IT/servers/data storage. Strength = scalability, challenge = reliability. Seems to be popular with start-ups. Also check out Elastic Computing.
  • The Cloud: Described as “a place where small schools — even individual classes or assignments — can do their educating in the connective digital ecology” in regards to education by Judy Breck.
  • Tag Cloud: a visual way to filter content, there’s one on this blog if you’ve never seen it.

Micro-Interaction: Described by David Armano “Each encounter no matter how brief is a micro-interaction that makes a deposit or withdrawal from our rational and emotional subconscious.” The concept relates to one-on-one customer engagement and filling their emotional bank account with positive experiences and impressions about a brand with the goal of brand affinity. Slide show here.

Engagement: Touchpoints and interaction with customers can be described as engaegment. More.

Experience: Design is becoming much more focused on one’s experience of a site vs. action and conversion. Not that the latter is not important or sought after. Christopher Fahey gave a great presentation on “The Seduction of the Interface” in which he combined the merchandising model with design and seduction. In describing the allure of a conversion driven web/product design he admits he believes in love at first site.

Web 2.0: No I heard no talk of 3.0. The “what’s next” theme however seems to be filtering and mashing up the flood of content (including news, blogs, and social network updates) on the web so it’s more digestible. We do not have time to read it all or filter what’s important and relevant to us personally in such a segmented environment.

Post by: Melonie Gallegos


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  • Reply Christopher Fahey September 22, 2008 at 5:17 pm

    … love at first site.

    Ha, I wish I thought of that! Thanks for the kind words, too. Much appreciated.

  • Reply meloniegallegos September 24, 2008 at 5:52 am

    Christopher, that was the most inspiring part!

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