Over 70 Mind-Blowing Social Media Stats

April 28, 2015
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Ever wonder how teens are really using social media? Or, if B2B marketers are using it at all? Do you know the average cost per user companies are spending in social advertising?

We’ve answered these questions and more in Social Media By The Numbers. We’ve scoured the internet to source the most credible data through today from Pew Research to private studies to learn how people, customers, and businesses are using social media. The result? Over 70 stats that will feed your curiosity and strategic thinking.

The future of social media is promising for businesses who have invested in strong content and are mobile ready.

Here’s a snapshot of 2015 social media trends in marketing:

  • The majority of social media users are mobile most of the time. If you are creating content or linking to your website make sure it’s mobile friendly.
  • Customers spend a significant amount of time with visual content. Adding photos, infographics and visuals will enhance your content program.
  • Watching online video is becoming as common as TV. More and more people are doing it on mobile devices.
  • The trend in 2015 toward live video streaming is too new to predict. The buzz around Meerkat and Periscope is larger than their user base.
  • Snapchat has the attention of a younger generation and there are only a few brands creative and brave enough to venture into it.

What will social media look like in a year, two years or ten years? Tell us what you think.

Watch Slideshare below or download the PDF in our Learning Center.

[slideshare id=47386137&doc=socialmediastatsfandommarketing-150424145536-conversion-gate01&w=425&h=355]

Social Media By The Numbers: 70+ Mind-Blowing Social Media Stats from Fandom Marketing

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