IWearYourShirt “Tweet My Chest Contest”

August 19, 2009

gearyshirtLast November I posted I bought social media for Christmas. Here’s an update.

Well the Christmas present was a nice thought but it wasn’t quite the right fit for the recipient at this time – as it goes in social media marketing, try selling it to different companies every day. BTW I will be writing a tribute post to this person’s work today which ties into National Aviation Day stay tuned.

So instead we decided to use this placement at Geary Interactive, the interactive agency I work for in San Diego in case you didn’t know, and it was a brilliant fit. The Gearyi team ran with it and the campaign is AWESOME check it out.

  • The Concept: Tweet My Chest
  • The T-shirt: Jason (iwearyourshirt) is sporting a t-shirt with an iPhone strapped to his chest, yeah kinda like a bomb, where a live Twitter feed streams the hashtag #gearyi
  • Get Seen: Tweet on Jason’s chest today by including #gearyi in your tweets
  • The Contest:  ahhh ha ha yes there’s a give away. Win the iPhone + T-shirt by tweeting about the contest combined with #geary or @gearyi in your message.
  • Twitter World Record: Something that kind of organically sprouted from the campaign. Help us make the Guinness World Record for most tweets using the a hashtag. Just include #gearyi in your tweets. It’ll get you on Jason’s chest too.

Get a piece of the action:

A big thank you to Grant and the rest of the Gearyi creative team for a truly unique and engaging concept. I have no idea where they get this stuff 🙂

And, to Shelley and Leslie for putting this to good use by running an exceptional social media campaign.



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