Uncovering Hidden Audiences For More Profitable Communications

October 7, 2011
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When we think about audience, customers immediately come to mind. They are what we focus on as marketers day in and day out. They pay the bills and help meet every companies reason for being – to make money.

Uncover Your Hidden Audience

If you are one of those marketers whose head is beginning to nod in disagreement then you understand what I’m about to tell you. Making money doesn’t make you profitable. Other stakeholders such as employees or a supply chain partner also contribute to profitability either directly or indirectly. They are as impactful to your business as your customers; in some instances without them your business wouldn’t exist.

Broaden Your Content Strategy

Have you neglected key audience segments in your brand communications? As a new year approaches it’s a good time to consider who your audiences are and how you can connect with them. Whether through social media or email marketing, or a special section tailored just for them on your website; there’s a place for all of your brand stakeholders in your next content strategy.

Now, that’s big business.

Is Your Brand Neglecting A Hidden Audience?

Brand Audience Segments


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