The Rise of Social Media [infographic]

January 17, 2013

It happened so fast. Social media has crept into the mainstream over the last twelve years. Crept? OK, that’s not a good word. Let’s call it launch bombed. Like 007 landing at the party in a big parachute. While arguably social media in the form of two-way communication online was developed as early as the 70’s, it did not proliferate our daily lives until YouTube hit the scene in 2005 followed by the popularity of Facebook and Twitter in everyday use by 2008. Between 2005-2010 it spread like lightning and we knew it because it became the topic at the dinner table with mom, dad and grandma over Thanksgiving. It was all marketers could talk about in 2008-2011 as many did what they could to resist the wave of change. Today, it has become a standard communication channel and matured into one of many tactics in every marketer’s playbook. Here’s a timeline Ginger created for one of my Fandom Marketing presentations that I wanted to share with you showing the rise of social media. It specifically showcases the years in which major social networks hit their stride.

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