Brand Twitter Wars: Who Owns All-Day Breakfast?

October 26, 2015

On Tuesday, October 6th, McDonalds launched their All-Day Breakfast Menu across the nation. All-day breakfast was the number one request McDonalds heard from their customers and they’re excited for their customers’ dreams to finally become a reality. However, all-day breakfast isn’t a new thing for many fast-food restaurants and they have something to say about McDonald’s recent launch. These unimpressed brands and have chosen to fight back on Twitter and it’s really pretty entertaining.

Check out some of the tweets from top fast-food brands and the responses they received:





Alternatively, Carl’s Jr. chose to go a different route, using the hype to promote their burgers instead.


So, who is really winning all day breakfast in social media? It appears IHOP has received the biggest response and reached the most users out of all the brands. Their posts appear to be the most aggressive, giving them an advantage over the others and even leading to a new hashtag #BreakfastBeef on Twitter.

Want to learn more about the #BreakfastBeef Twitter wars?

Check out these articles from Mashable and UPROXX.

Featured photo by Flickr user Albert Lynn


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