Three Pinterest Marketing Tips For Promoting Products

June 16, 2015
Pinterest Tips

It’s no secret that Pinterest can be a successful tactic in a social media marketing strategy. Especially for eCommerce businesses, Pinterest’s traffic driving capabilities are not to be ignored. Pinterest is projected to have 47 million monthly active users in the U.S. by the end of 2015 and to hit 50 million in 2016.

Although Pinterest marketing depends on your target audience and the networks they use most, it can help raise awareness about the products a business sells.

When trying to determine the best way to get your Pinterest pins some exposure, here are three tricks to keep in mind when promoting your products.

1) Focus On Themes

If you can get eyes on your Pinterest pins, you will have a better chance of capturing the attention of users and getting them to click-through to view the board that the pin is a part of.  It is important to plan exactly what you will pin and why. Create boards that are focused around a theme, destination, trend, flavor or solution. If a user is searching for something specific on Pinterest and they come across a pin that solves their problem, they are more likely to view what other options are available in your collection of pins.

Take a look at what is trending based on seasonality or buzz before creating your Pinterest marketing strategy. Try to identify what your customers are shopping for and compile the best product options in one place.

Tip: Check out search trends online or browse industry magazines to determine what is most popular to consumers for a specific time period. 

2) Optimize Your Pins

The next step is to optimize your pins to ensure they will appear in search. Use Pinterest’s search function to research the top categories and subcategories that are currently the most popular. Once you have identified your keywords, create a catchy, short board title that reads like a magazine headline. It is also beneficial (and crucial for reach) to infuse your pin descriptions with these keywords or phrases. Mix up keywords and phrases but be consistent and remember your focus.

Once your board is set up and ready to go with a designed board cover or featured pin, get a little help from your connections to amplify the pins’ reach.

Tip: If you partner with influencers, share the board with them and encourage sharing and repins.

3) Promote Your Pins

Promoting your pins on Pinterest can help you get the added reach and boost your pins need to get in front of a new audience.

To put promoted pins into play, first choose a pin that you want to advertise then add your keywords or search terms to your campaign. You can choose up to 150 keywords for one campaign, so make sure to cover all the bases and go for broad, specific, and general terms.

Set up targeting to decide the audience that your pin should reach. Make sure to target your potential customer by location, gender, language, and device.

In any Pinterest campaign, remember to use high quality, bright, and vertical images. You can turn horizontal images into a vertical collage by stacking a number of photos on top of each other featuring different product angles.

Lastly, include call to actions in your pin description to get users to perform the desired action, such as “shop now”, “view the collection, and “ get more ideas”.

Tip: Embed a Pinterest board or a featured pin on your website to give it extra reach.


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