What 5 Brands Have Taught us About Marketing to Moms

May 5, 2014

Mom. The word ignites passionate feelings for most, whether you think of your role as a mother, or of the woman who plays that important role in your life. Brands are passionate about moms too. They understand how powerful they are in driving purchasing decisions and shaping buying habits for their children. Marketing to moms has now become a primary goal of organizations across the globe.

A few quick stats…

Moms spend more time online than others over the age of 12.

Choosing between the internet, TV, radio and newspapers, half of the Moms said they consider the internet most essential to their lives.

More than half of moms (55%) indicated that advertising plays a role in their purchasing decisions (Source.)

The million dollar question is how to reach these women effectively. Many brands are trying, yet only a few have got it down to an art. Procter & Gamble is the first company that comes to mind, with their Thank You Mom campaign.

Here are a few other brands we love not because they focus on marketing to moms, but because they have found a way to show they understand moms, or truly add value to a mothers busy life.

1. American Greetings

This company made the news recently with their World’s Toughest Job video. A real live job listing advertised insane requirements for a position, such as working 135 to unlimited hours per week and degrees in medicine, finance and culinary arts. The video shows interviews with applicants, who are in disbelief to learn actual people already hold his position. In fact, millions do. Moms!

Lesson: Show moms that you understand. Like really, really understand.

2. Kraft

This mega foods brand helps solve one of mom’s biggest dilemma… What’s for dinner tonight? Tons of recipes from the brand and their community, organized and presented in a way that allows users to add the recipe to their “recipe box” and then have a custom grocery list generated (and organized by category!).

Lesson: Figure out what will make moms lives easier, and give it to them. For free.

3. My Social Book

Forget marketing to moms; this company’s existence alone is an answer to many moms’ prayers. Let’s state the lesson up front… Figure out the product gap in moms’ lives, and invent it. Word of mouth will do the rest. My Social Book is a company who did just that, by easily turning your Facebook news feed into a beautifully designed book. Many moms kill themselves trying to scrapbook or document their family’s life, and beat themselves up when they don’t have time to get it all done. And yet what platform houses this information, with funny photos, short stories and more? Facebook. This is a convenience moms everywhere will be willing to pay for!

Lesson: Figure out the product gap in moms’ lives, and invent it.

4. Land’s End

A few years back Land’s End hosted Swimsuit Confidence Week. What tops the list of things moms hate? Swimsuit shopping. Yet Land’s End celebrated women of all shapes and sizes, not just with the campaign but also by offering a product that truly worked for different body types (and not stereotyping).

Lesson: Use real moms in campaigns and campaign development. Be real!

5. General Mills

Their brands are known all around the world, but ask any mom what else they’re known for and you may just hear about Box Tops for Education. Select products of theirs feature a tiny coupon-like square that can be cut out, turned in to a school of choice and redeemed for ten cents. Only ten cents, you’re thinking? This year so far, my local elementary school has earned over $3,000 from General Mills, these little pieces of paper and families committed to their school.

Lesson: Make it easy, but also make it personal. General Mills hit the jackpot by not choosing a charity of choice but instead putting the power in the hands of moms.

Let’s recap:

  • Offer value.
  • Evoke emotion.
  • Show you understand and relate to their challenges.
  • Be real and don’t put all moms in one bucket.
  • Don’t be gimmicky – moms are smart!

Marketing to moms doesn’t have to be a challenge if your heart is in the right place. It’s not about selling your product; it’s about making your brand invaluable. Not making your product invaluable. Your brand.


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