French men and fleshy girls sell cameras: a product SEO blog strategy

April 16, 2009

Woot! (a favorite site for treasure hunting online deals) posts a blog featuring each product they release for their daily offer – a brilliant SEO strategy. BUT the real brilliance is in the copywriting. I’m laughing so hard to myself right now, and while accomplishing entertaining a multi-tasking Web surfer with a short attention span they did a surprisingly good job of touting the product benefits. Here’s a snippet of their post featuring a digital camera:

“I’m a professional art and fashion photographer from France, in Europe, which you have no reason to doubt. I think the camera I’ll use for your shoot is my Pentax E60. It’s got ten of those, uh, whaddyacallem—megapixels. So the pictures are really sharp. It’ll capture every last one of your… what are these? Freckles? Or blackheads or something?”

And hey look now they have a backlink. Full post:

Today’s blog post ranks #2 in search results for the product keyword while you’ll notice pays top dime for placement for the same product. Ahh the beauty of organic search…



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