The New Digg Fail “Wagon” Charms Its Way Through Glitches

September 7, 2010

I’ve had my NEW Digg beta account in place for months after hearing the big announcement at the Diggnation SXSW party. (I have video I’ve procrastinating on posting I will do it soon I promise). The truth is I am intrigued but I just haven’t had time to, well, dig around it.

As the shiny, new, mass audience friendly platform goes public it has experienced ongoing technical glitches which I suppose they feel they can get away with it by charming their audience with the fail wagon. A counterpart to Twitter’s fail whale in my opinion not as cute. The young generation of geeky males who currently make up their core audience might be more amused with it than I am.

So tell me have you tried the new Digg and are you loving it? Take this week’s poll to weigh in. And, I’d love to hear your comments on the new features and how you think it will impact the game.


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