A Fool Proof Twitter Follow Back Strategy to Build Quality Audience

March 23, 2011
Twitter for Business

There’s clearly not a standard set for Twitter netiquette of who you “should” follow back. I hear the debate going to this day and we’ve now hit its 5 year anniversary. Whooo congrats Twitter! #youvechangedtheworld

I personally do not subscribe to the rule that I should follow back everyone that follows me. This lends to irrelevancy and spam because 1. I would not follow to listen, and 2. I’d end up following a bunch of porn spammer bots not the real people I’d actually want to hold a conversation with. I follow people whose content interests me regardless of whether or not they are interested in mine. If you follow me I owe you nothing, if you decide you want to unfollow me, you owe me nothing. I will also not punish you for unfollowing me by unfollowing you. This is starting to sound very high school. See what I mean?

As a brand the reasons are a little bit different because there is an obligatiion to customer, partner, and stakeholder. No matter which side of the conversation you are on here are a few fool proof reasons to follow that will in turn build a quality audience for your brand, and a better overall Twitter experience for all.

“Quality” Twitter Follow Back Strategy:

  1. Follow those who mention your handle and brand.
  2. People you have a discussion with.
  3. Those who mention your competitor.
  4. Anyone who isn’t following you but should be. It’s a great way to get discovered.
  5. Those who mention your footprint (region or city) and/or topics.
  6. Anyone who complains about you. So you can take the discussion private over DM.
  7. Ensure you are following a person before you DM them so they can reply.
  8. Be mindful of your follower to following ratio. If you follow 2,000 people and only 50 follow you it not only looks bad but a sure sign you are not on the right track.
  9. Maintain your audience 15mins a day. Or at a minimum weekly.

What’s your take on Twitter netiquette for follow backs?


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