5 Brand Instagram Feeds You Should Follow

April 9, 2013
Photo marketing

The past year has been the “rise of the photo” with sites like Pinterest and Instagram skyrocketing in popularity. Many companies are still debating whether Instagram is a place they should be spending time. For some organizations, it’s a no brainer, like restaurants and retail, because of the compelling pictures that may drive people into your location. Today we look at five brands on Instagram that may not be the obvious choice for cool feeds to follow, but they’ve made a case for why you should check them out.

5 Instagram Feeds You Should Follow

  1. Lowe’s Home Improvement
    What is awesome about Lowe’s Instagram efforts isn’t just their own feed (filled with beautiful home and garden photos), but their focus the #ProudMoment tag, where fans are encouraged to show off their do-it-yourself projects. Lowe’s is making it about their fans, not their company, and celebrating those incredibly prideful moments that often go unrecognized.
  2. Lego
    Lego may be a bit of a more obvious choice then the next two below, due to the sheer number of children and adults that adore their product. It’s no surprise they share photos that are unique and spark creativity in anyone that follows them. If you have children like mine who love to look at photos on my phone, hand over Lego’s feed to them and they’ll go crazy.
  3. Tampax
    I’ll admit, this one came to me when I was brainstorming the company I would least expect to see on Instagram. When I found their page, I was impressed with the quirkiness of it and the behind-the-scenes look into their brand. While they don’t have a ton of photos yet, I do think this is one to watch.
  4. General Electric
    Again, a brand that may not be the obvious choice for sharing photos, but one that is truly demonstrating the art in their product with their Instagram presence. General Electric’s feed is a fascinating look into their products and how they are made.
  5. President Obama
    If you want to humanize a political figure, just watch what President Obama’s team is doing for him on Instagram.  It paints a well-done, patriotic picture of a community-focused family man, who happens to be running our country.

With any social media effort, the million dollar, “what is the ROI?” question arises. With Instagram, building the relationship and staying top-of-mind are two less measurable, but still important goals of the photo sharing. I would imagine many followers of brands Instagram feeds feel a closer connection to that brand, because these photos aren’t the polished, professional looking ones we’re used to in advertising. They are human.

That being said, here are three brands we would like to see take the leap to Instagram:

  1. Etsy.  They have a site filled with beautiful images and products, and a huge opportunity to showcase the many vendors that make up their community.
  2. Dove. And specifically, their “real beauty” campaign. Dove has received a ton of positive press for their “real beauty” focus, and Instagram aligns perfectly with that idea. No photoshopping, just real moments of beauty.
  3. Skittles. For a brand as quirky as Skittles, Instagram would be a fun place for them to connect with fans. Their homepage shows the different approach they take to their marketing, and I would love to see what they can do with the “experience the rainbow” idea on Instagram. The ideas are endless.

What are your favorite brands on Instagram?


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