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August 19, 2013
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In our world of evolving technology we are always looking for ways to make the next exciting step. So, I am very excited to announce our new WordPress Featured Images In RSS plugin. After realizing that featured images from posts are not included in the site’s RSS feeds,  I wrote code for many clients to do just that. Ultimately, that same code became one of the most popular posts on our blog, so I decided to  develop that code into a WordPress plugin. Writing this type of code was a totally new experience, but after reviewing other plugins and their structure, it took me just a few days to have it written, debugged, tested, and live on a few sites (Including this one)!

The plugin is now in the WordPress plugin repository:

Once installed, and then activated, there are two options that can be viewed and changed under settings

  •  The first option is to select which size of the featured image you’d like to be included in the RSS feed: thumbnail (default), medium, large, or full size. These sizes are references to actual media pixel dimensions that are set and can be customized under your Media Options.
  • The second option is the position of the image, either on the left above the text (default), centered above the text, or left with the text wrap to the right of the image. For RSS-to-email campaigns in Mailchimp or other email marketing providers, I recommend the default settings.

To raise awareness to the pixel size settings available, the Options page links to the Media Options page where you can make those changes. Be sure to regenerate thumbnails for this to resize previously uploaded images, and it links to the regenerate thumbnails plugin as well. Also, the Options page conveniently links to Feedburner’s ping page to refresh the feed, if that service is being used.

I’d love to have you try the WordPress Featured Images in RSS plugin on your site, and leave a comment with your thoughts.

Download WordPress Featured Images In RSS plugin (zip)

(Now in the repository)


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