Social Media for Jobs Series Part 5: Creating a Killer Resume

November 15, 2012

Congratulations! We’ve made it to the final step in the Social Media for Jobs Series. Now that you have built your personal brand, optimized your LinkedIn profile, connected with the people you want to work with and started developing thought leadership within your profession, it’s time to create a killer resume. How? A social media resume that will impress potential employers for any career in any industry.

Anyone can integrate social media elements to their resume to make it shine apart from the rest. It will make you look smart and like the kind of forward thinking employee companies are seeking in today’s competitive hiring environment. Here’s how to create a killer resume using social media that will enhance both its print and offline value.

Use visuals. Don’t be afraid to get creative. Add a little color, a chart or a relevant infographic to prove a point or share your history. A perfect example of this is Michael Anderson’s infographic resume. If stats are an important part of what you do, take a screenshot of some of your best numbers. The key with visuals is to make the stand out, but use them sparingly for full effect.

Tell them where to find you. Include icons for your social media profiles such as LinkedIn, Twitter, blog, or your Klout score! Be sure to only include those where you are purposefully building industry thought leadership and credibility (in other words, exclude your party boy profile).

Use keywords. When writing your resume, think of what keywords employers are using in job descriptions. Use those words to your advantage. your resume will stand out when human resources scans over multiple resumes. Social media impacts every part of a business so even if you’re not looking for a social marketing position you can show off your savvy by listing ways you’d utilize social media to take the job to the next level.

Think outside the box. Make your resume unique using images, story telling, and rich media. Personalize a video addressed to your potential employer and wow them.

Use social media to build references and recommendations. LinkedIn is a great tool to collect recommendations from others you’ve worked for or with. Take a screenshot and put a copy of your LinkedIn recommendations in your resume. You can also collect recommendations using Facebook’s recommend tool on your personal website pages.

Helpful tips for successful integration

    • Make sure all your profiles, blogs and websites are working and up to date.
    • Update your content to show your best thinking.
    • Upload your resume to your personal website and social media profiles where it makes sense.
    • When sending your resume electronically make sure all the links work and it is easy to print.
    • Don’t forget to Google yourself to make sure potential employers see results that make a great impression.

You are fully equipped with the right social media tools to start actively looking for right job. Your social media resume is all about showing your savvy and building credibility in your profession. Don’t be afraid to connect, put yourself out there, and yes, toot your own horn once in awhile. Good luck!

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