Fake Hurricane Sandy Photos Hit the Web

October 29, 2012

We’ve been watching the tweets coming through the Minglestream tweetwall we set up today for #Sandy and the photos are getting outrageous. Mixed in with serious coverage of hurricane destruction are Godzilla, cat clouds and well… you’ll get the picture. This is what happens when Madison Avenue shuts down for a day, graphic designers are left to their own devices.

The Best of Minglestream Fake Sandy Photos

Use hashtag #Sandy or #frankenstorm to get featured on Minglestream. You are also welcome to display  the Sandy Minglestream anywhere you’d like. It was made to project on a wall, screen or display on a flatscreen. We’ve even projected a real time stream to the side of the Hyatt. Open the URL http://sandy.minglestream.com full screen in your browser and display. Note: because these were screenshots from the feed I had no way to credit the Tweeters for their photos but you can find them on Twitter using the mentioned hashtags.

While we all want to stay positive, sometimes keeping our minds off the destruction with Internet memes, this hurricane is serious business. I do not take it lightly. I want to send thoughts and prayers to our friends on the East Coast. Donate to the Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund to help those impacted by the storm.


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