Thank Your Audience, Free Thanksgiving Image Download for Social Sharing

November 27, 2013

Looking back on the year how many times have you stopped what you’re doing to simply tell someone “thank you”?

Each November Thanksgiving serves as a reminder to be grateful. When you work in marketing every day can feel like a whirlwind. Gratitude is easily forgotten. We wake up each morning with lofty goals set in front of us, run through our checklists, track our numbers, and make sure management understands that what we’re doing matters. How many clicks did we get? Did website traffic go up? Ask the fans to do this… And, did you promote that? If so, why didn’t you do it five more times in all caps?!

That checklist grows with each phone call and meeting. Leaving twice as much to tackle next week with the same resources. Then there’s the stuff we didn’t predict…

No wonder we forget to thank! The paradox is that giving and gratitude are central to great marketing. This holiday my advice is simple. Stop to thank your audience. And, add something to your marketing checklist that gives without asking in return. Yes, that means no call to action! Sorry boss.

 I want to thank you for:

We created this Thanksgiving image with you in mind. But we also want to offer it as a free download to share with others. No attribution required. Happy Thanksgiving!


When the page opens, the full size image will open, right-click to download the free thanksgiving image, then share it with friends in your social networks. No attribution required but if you choose to mention us we are @fandommarketing on Twitter or tag us on Facebook, Instagram or Google+ using Fandom Marketing. Quick tip: hover above to get the pin it button for one-click Pinterest sharing. 


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