Seven Free Online Survey Tools

October 12, 2009

I asked the question on Twitter and got some great recommendations on free online survey tools so thought I’d share them here.

Survey Monkey

Simple to advanced, this tool has over 15 question types and can be branded. It integrates with services like Mailchimp and Evernote. Collect responses from mobile, web, or social media.


Customer driven website optimization, looks interesting.


Pretty sleek, I’ve never used it and it’s in beta free then will transition to a free to paid platform. Will have to try it out I love beta.


Looks sleek and feature rich and has a limited free level.


Create offline, online, and mobile friendly surveys in seconds. A basic account is free. It is ran by Survey Monkey.

Survey Methods

A flexible web-based survey tool that can be branded.



Surveys, polls, quizzes and ratings. Super simple to use with great WordPress integration. Collect responses via email, your website or mobile device.



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